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Can you send me a price list?
All of our prices are available to view immediately on our website. PLEASE NOTE- We don't send out price lists/stock lists! Our website is kept up to date with current prices and stock to ensure you have the most up to date information and to avoid disappointment on discontinued products.

Is there a Minimum Order amount?
Our minimum order is just £100 excluding VAT and shipping. We keep it low to ensure our customers that are smaller enterprises can still stock our gorgeous products. If you wish to place a smaller order you are welcome, however in that instance we need to charge a low order administration fee of £10.

Are your items REALLY handmade? I've heard companies claim this before...
Yes, they really are! We lovingly hand-press each bath bomb, hand mix the salts and hand craft our soaps at our workshop in Staffordshire.

But your soap is glycerine, how does that work?
Glycerine soap is considered a superior by-products of commercial soap making- it is removed and sold for MORE than their finished product! The raw soap arrives to us in huge 25kg blocks, we then take it and process it by hand in a method called hot-pour. We colour, fragrance and enhance the soap, then sculpt and mould it to perfection. Glycerine soap is beautifully pliable so it lends itself to sculpting very well until it is cured and dried.

What is an Artisan loaf?
Artisan soap loaves refer to the level of skill and time taken to make the selcted handmade soap loaf. Instead of a single/double pour of soap, these have been lovingly crafted for a visual treat as well as a great skin feast. These are the soap loaves that customers usually say 'Oh wow, look at that!'.

Do you supply Retail stands for your products?
Though we have 4 stands available to local outlets, we've done a lot of research into this and we've made a conscious decision not to, because we see our products as individual and unique as our customers. You have the freedom to display them as you choose and totally in keeping with your outlet. The best part it, it keeps the costs to yourselves down, and your profit margins up! We can of course offer advice and guidance in how to showcase your items (loving the shabby chic look at the minute) and of course your legal obligations when selling handmade bathing and cosmetic products.

I live in Europe. Why is shipping so much more?
Shipping is entirely based on the overall weight of your order, however if we manage to get shipping at a lower price we will refund the difference. The shipping prices are set by the individual couriers and we always shop around to get you the best price.

Okay, so how long will my order take to make and arrive?
We aim to get your order despatched to you within 2-3 weeks (10-15 working days- check the front page for up to date information. This time WILL be extended at busy periods such as Christmas) but we ask that you allow 3-4+ weeks especially for larger orders over £700. This is because of the handmade nature of our items. If you need an order faster than this please contact us BEFORE you complete checkout to ensure we can fulfill your needs. Note that this varies during peak times, most notably September, October and November.

Do you supply ingredients and batch numbers?
We supply these as standard with all of our items. NOTE that the date on the product is the date your item was made! Please keep these for reference. MSDS info available upon request.

What are my legal obligations to sell cosmetic products?
First and foremost, you must ensure that your supplier is EU Certified to make and sell any cosmetic products, and that they supply full ingredients listings and batch numbers. You must ensure you keep any original packaging along with batch numbers if you are creating your own labels for products. Items should be kept and stored in a hygienic fashion (we recommend an airtight container if unwrapped). Lastly, you must ensure that all of your products have an ingredients label with batch number OR ingredients available freely to view before the customer makes a purchase. This is essential!

Do I need insurance to sell your products?
In a word, yes. You should hold the relevant Public Liability Insurance, and if applicable, Employer Liability Insurance. Note that you do NOT need Product Liability Insurance, this is our responsibility. Should you have any issues concerning this please contact us on 01538 722954 or at admin@thesoapycauldron.co.uk

So, are you EU certified to make and sell these products?
Yes we are, we have been checked and certified to make all the handmade bath and body items you see on this site and on our retail site, www.thesoapycauldron.co.uk . This is a requirement under Cosmetic law and we take our responsibilities very seriously. Our certificates come from a leading Cosmetic Chemist in the beauty industry and we are on the national government database of Cosmetic manufacturers.

I've received my order and I love it. Whats the best way to store my items?
Handmade soap- Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight wherever possible to avoid colour fading and sweating. Soaps can be sliced and wrapped in advance of sale or as your customers order. In the latter case we recommend wrapping in a suitable film such as clingfilm to keep your soap as fresh as possible. We highly reccommend that you wear gloves while handling unwrapped soap for hygiene purposes- plus, customers really don't like fingerprints on their soap!
Bath Bombs and Bubble Melts- These need to be kept as dry as possible! They don't need to be kept wrapped as long as they aren't exposed to a humid atmosphere.
Bath Truffles Keep these cool and away from heat sources and direct sunlight. As they are made from cocoa butter they will melt if they get too hot!
Dead Sea Bath Salts Keep the container sealed when not in use, Dead Sea Salt naturally draws moisture from the air around it.
All other items should be kept in a cool, dry place.

FOR CUSTOMERS OUTSIDE OF THE UK- If your climate is warmer than the UK please be aware that some products will need conscious care. For example, our Cocoa Butter Bath Truffle products will need to be kept relatively cool, certainly below 28 degrees centigrade. They should also be protected from excess humidity wherever possible.

Help! I've asked for my soap to be supplied whole but as I'm slicing my soap it's separating, what do I do?
This occasionally happens and is down to the heat of the soap. The colder it is, the more likely it is to split. We recommend that you slice layered soap on it's side once it's been bought to room temperature for at least 48 hours. If your soap continues to split (rare) the application of heat will adhere the layers. Use a heatgun or hairdryer on a hot setting and heat 1 surface until you see tiny wrinkles appear on the surface. Place onto the other layer and press firmly. This is enough to re-adhere the layers. Note that we will pre-slice some layered/artisan soap. If you require it unsliced please put a note in the comments box at checkout. We accept no responsibility for split soap if you choose this option!

Where are you? How can I find you?
We are located in Tean, between Cheadle and Uttoxeter on the main Uttoxeter Rd.

How long do the products last?
All of our products are made freshly when you order, and as many of them are anhydrous (Dry, no water used) they have a long shelf life.
Soap Loaves, Cakes, Buns, Feet, Miniatures, Shower Soap- 36 months
Bath Bombs, Mini's, Buried Treasures, Bath Oil- 12 months.
Bath Truffles, Bubble Cups, Bath Salts- 18 months
Bubble Melts, Lip Balms, Salves, Body Butter- 6 months
PLEASE NOTE- these times depend entirely on the storage of the product. We accept no liability for the products once they have left us as the storage of said products is beyond our control. We can only advise the best way. Keep all products away from direct sunlight, all heat sources, and protect from damp, frost, and from other strong odours. It is recommended that the products are kept in their original packaging to preserve freshness.


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